Welcome to Django Chatter’s documentation!

Re-usable Django chat application for Django developers.

Chat is a crucial aspect of many web apps at present. However, Django’s package repository does not have well-maintained reusable chat packages that Django developers can integrate into their platforms.

Django Chatter is an attempt to change that. This is an open-source fully reusable chat application that has mechanisms to support group chats in place.

The HTML front-end for this app is built with Flexbox, making it responsive to numerous viewports.

[More work to be done] Added to that, it can also possibly be used as a REST API, since all the views generate standard JSON responses that need to be parsed by the websockets present in the front-end of the app using this package.

This app makes use of Django Channels 2 and uses Redis as the message broker.

To run chatter properly, you’ll require python>=3.5 and Redis. Note: For development, we are currently using redis-5.0.3, built from source on Ubuntu machines.

The core mechanisms of Chatter follows the instructions provided in the Django Channels Tutorial section, with some added modifications and a little theming.